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It has been one month of 2021 already! How are you doing with your New Year’s Resolution?
Last month we introduced you to our newest technology, Hologic DXA Body Composition and Bone Density Scanner.
The DXA Body Composition scanner provides the most accurate and clear overview of your body.
If one of your 2021 goals is to focus on a healthy lifestyle, getting a DXA Body Comp scan is where you should begin your fitness journey!

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The NEW DXA Body Composition Scanner machine provides our patients at Center for Reproductive Medicine and Robotic Surgery the means to know their body inside and outside.
It has the ability to measure:
*Lean Mass
*Bone Density
*Fat Mass
These numbers are extremely important for personalizing your journey and initial tests at CRMRS.
Learn more about how you can schedule an appointment for your scan by visiting or calling us at 314-473-1285!


*****DXA Bone Scan*****
Working out and staying healthy both play a key role during your infertility journey. Having Osteoporosis can make it difficult.
Read the article below for more information and visit us at to schedule your DXA Bone Density scan.


Don’t Forget that we are now offering DXA Body Compostion and Bone Density scans by appointment!!!

#DYK There are 22 recommended tests women need to take throughout their lives? You can cross off 2 of those 22—#BodyFat and #BoneDensity—with a #DXA scan. Check out @247Tempo to see the full list ?:


Did you know Osteoporosis is a common under-diagnosed PREVENTABLE disease resulting in bone fractures?
Come in for a DXA Bone Density scan TODAY.
You should consider a scan if you are…
*A postmenopausal woman
*On any type of estrogen replacement treatment
*Experiencing premature ovarian failure
*On medication which cause osteoporosis


A new year can mean so many things for you! Let us help to make it your best year yet by getting you in for a DXA Body Composition Scan!
The DXA Body Composition Scan is just like everything we do here at CRMRS, it is personal and unique to each and every one of our patients.
The DXA machine can help to create a fitness plan that is safe, reliable, and motivating to those who are on diet and exercise programs.



HERE IT IS! Introducing the newest addition to the CRMRS practice, our apologies it is not as cute as our baby additions ?!
We are welcoming the Hologic Horizon DXA! This machine has dual capability in screening bone density (R) and monitoring body composition (L).
We are so proud of the new addition to our practice and excited to explain all it can do for our patients!
The DXA machine has so much to offer! Here are just a few things it can do and it may relate to YOU!
**It has ability to perform bone densitometry (this can help identify patients with osteoporosis and osteopenia) and will give the risks of a fracture in the next 10 years!
Wondering if this applies to YOU?
This bone densitometry scan is beneficial to…
*patients who are on hormone replacement treatment
*have had both ovaries removed for any gynecologic conditions
*survivors of childhood and early adulthood cancers whose ovaries are affected by chemotherapy/ radiation therapy
*patients who may be on long term birth control such as depot provera
Keep an update on our posts this week for more information on our new addition and how to get an appointment set up!


Still wondering if the DXA Body Composition Scan is for you? Are you asking yourself what does this scan do for me on my journey to making a family?
Not only does the Hologic DXA scanner measure Body Mass, Lean Mass, and Bone Density, but it is EXTREMELY useful in patients who suffer from PCOS, morbid obesity, insulin resistance and more which may be causing infertility due to anovulation. With a DXA scan you can feel confident that you and your doctor are creating a plan specific to YOU and what YOUR body needs!
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