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  1. At the Center for Reproductive Medicine and Robotic Surgery, we can offer you a thorough evaluation of your individual fertility treatment needs and provide options on how to reach your goal of having a baby.
  2. We understand this is a stressful time for couples and we strive to help you through this process and guide you on a hopeful journey.
  3. We are a team of fertility experts who are dedicated to your individualized care plan. We are a small group and welcome you to our “family” with compassion and empathy and are always willing to listen.
  4. Your journey begins with an initial consultation with Dr. Jacob, who will discuss your medical history and begin the process of developing your individualized treatment plan.
  5. You will benefit from the educational links on this website and can read about our treatment options in advance of your appointment. We believe this helps couples to alleviate some of the stress that may be associated with stepping into the unknown and sometimes complex science behind fertility treatment.
  6. Whether your care plan includes surgical corrections of underlying causes, such as endometriosis, fibroids, tubal obstructions and other interventions with robotic surgery, or male factor infertility, which is determined by a complex semen analysis, we are here to help.



About 10% of couples in the United States are infertile. Couples may be infertile if the woman has not been able to conceive after 6-12 months of having sex without the use of birth control. The number of months depends on many factors, such as your age, your partner’s age, and how long you have been trying to get pregnant. If you and your partner are trying to have a child and you have not gotten pregnant, you may want to have an infertility evaluation. Tests can be done to find the cause of the problem. Based on the results of these tests, treatment may be needed.

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Female Infertility

To understand how the couple is affected by the respective contribution from each individual, we need to understand the main causes affecting each partner. Female infertility is divided into several groups depending on the main source. However, keep in mind that it is common that two or more of those factors may be involved at the same time.

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Male Infertility

This is a condition that by itself affects up to 40% of couples facing infertility problems. An additional 20% of infertile couples have combined male-female factor infertility. These figures suggest that the relative incidence of male related infertility problems may be approximately the same as female problems. In fact all over the world, the sperm concentration in the ejaculate is dropping and the cause is still unknown. Though this phenomenon has not caused a reduction in the chances of fathering a child, it may do so in the future. Industrialization has been suggested as a cause but solid evidence is still lacking.

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Advanced Gynecological Surgery

At the Center for Reproductive Medicine and Robotic Surgery we provide advanced surgical treatment for complex female ailments such as endometriosis, fibroid uterus, ovarian tumors, heavy menstrual blood loss, etc. which may be crippling the lives of many patients. Our Medical Director, Dr. Jacob, is a certified robotic surgeon who provides many advanced surgical procedures using the most current technology including robotic surgeryperformed on the Da Vinci Robotic system. This fascinating new robotics advancement enables surgeons to perform surgical procedures with unmatched precision, dexterity and control.  The patient usually experiences significantly less pain, fewer complications, minimal blood loss, shorter hospital stays, minimal scarring, and a quicker recovery and return to normal activity.

The Center takes pride in taking care of patients with complex surgical conditions that the general OB/GYN does not want to operative on. After recovery from robotic surgery, patients are referred back to their referring OB/GYN for routine care.

The medical team at the Center is trained to provide comprehensive management of all gynecological conditions for all age groups; gynecological childhood illness, endocrine abnormalities, adolescent gynecological conditions including genital tract anomalies, bleeding disorders, infertility issues, recurrent pregnancy loss, fibroids, other uterine and ovarian tumors, and in the golden years conditions like osteoporosis, pelvic organ prolapse, urinary and fecal incontinence and menopausal dysfunctions.


DXA stands for Dual-energy X-ray Absorptiometry. It means two X-ray energies are used to measure the bone mineral and soft tissue inside your body to provide the most accurate body composition assessment.

At The Center for Reproductive Medicine and Robotic Surgery(CRMRS) we provide private, professional and compassionate fertility care. Dr. Jacob and our reproductive team provide a very personalized approach, from diagnostic assessment and early intervention through high-tech procedures like In Vitro Fertilization (IVF), and Intracytoplasmic Sperm Insertion (ICSI), intrauterine insemination (IUI) and Pre-Implantation Genetic Testing – Aneuploidy (PGT-A).

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