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Morgan & Michael

My fertility journey wasn’t exactly easy, but there are millions of women who would think my case was a cake walk.

Dr Jacobs is a brilliant man, I’m extremely thankful there are minds out there like his that can help women who are reproductively challenged. He made the process worth every shot. He was very clear on my challenges & the course we would have to take. He gave us the numbers & statistics.. which honestly I could’ve cared less about. As a woman, all I am thinking about is becoming a mother.. like NOW. But my husband is a numbers guy, so that gave him more peace of mind. I felt extremely comfortable & informed the whole time. And again– I didn’t care, I just thought “tell me what to do & I’ll do it.. no questions asked”. I followed every instruction I was given. I did everything Dr. J told me to do, or what not to do. He was successful with my cousin, so I knew there was hope for me..

Now Ashley.. she truly is an angel among us. She was available every SINGLE time I needed her. She talked me through every hurdle & upset. I wish all people had a little ‘Ashley’ in them. Her kindness & compassion are truly unmatched. And she has a rockstar sense of humor that keeps every appointment light hearted. Since she is a fertility patient she has this insane ability to walk WITH you throughout the whole process.. never letting you navigate it alone. Since men try, but do not TRULY understand the struggles as a female.


And every single procedure, shot, and tear was worth it. On Oct 19th, 2019.. my world was turned upside-down. Lincoln and Denver came into this world thanks to a village of doctors and nurses we met along the way. And the whole process started in Dr Jacobs office. I will forever be grateful to him, Ashley & their team. They are true miracle workers. Modern medicine is something I’ll forever be grateful for. I truly don’t think motherhood would’ve been in the cards without it. That office is a place that miracles happen, wishes are granted and dreams do come true. Even though it might not feel like it all the time.

I’d recommend Dr Jacobs all day long. He’s a brilliant man with a great heart who’s willing to deal with all of us hormonal messes all day long. I’d also tell the women not to give up– go to Center for Reproductive Medicine and let some of the greatest people I know help you.

Madhulika and Sravan

There are not enough words to describe how glad we are that me and my husband were referred to Dr.Jacob after years of trying to conceive. Entire team was kind enough to give us the best experience through our rough journey. Dr. Jacob has meticulous knowledge about what he is doing to help us our dream come true. He didn’t give up until we finally able to hold our beautiful baby boy. Dr. Jacob and Ashley gave us the courage we needed through our journey and shared our pain which we can’t thank enough.


Big heartful smile on Ashley’s face every time  we enter the office was just what we needed to forget our pain. Her kind words and hugs gave me a lot of strength. On a serious note, If I had to recommend the best fertility specialist to someone that would be Dr.Jacob.

Dean and Chris

Did you ever think having a family could be so hard? Do you see people out there that shouldn’t be parents? Do you see people that are careless and then get pregnant? There are couples that do not want children and end up having them? There are couples that want children so bad that they can’t. There are couples that try IVF, artificial insemination, IVF with egg donor, IVF with frozen embryos, and it still doesn’t happen. There are couples that have miscarriages. There are couples that want to adopt but can’t afford it.

Well, we are the couple that tried so many things for 4 years to have a child. If you were to ask us before that 4 years, are you going to have a family…yes, the answer came easy. We went through so many ups and downs. We tried to stay strong for each other, but so many times were set up for disappointment.


We were losing faith, perseverance, happiness, ourselves. There were so many tears, so little hope, so many whys that couldn’t be explained. Unanswered questions that no one could explain, you think there’s something wrong with you, people stop asking how things are going. It seemed like everyone around you was going to having a baby. You were so happy for them, but you wanted so badly for it to be you. People would pray for us, they were thinking of us, we had so much love around us, but it just didn’t seem like it was enough. The shots each day, the appointments, the blood tests, the anticipation of phone calls on whether or not you were pregnant…You keep pulling yourself together and telling yourself that it will be worth it.

We finally decided to get a second opinion and found the Center for Reproductive Medicine & Robotic Surgery and Dr. Jacob. His office welcomed us with open arms and treated us with such care. They took the time to go over all the tests we had done in the past, had a small office atmosphere, available all the time if you had a question or just needed to talk, explained to us why things were happening, and most of all became family to us. They were so amazing and helped with so much that took a lot of stress off us. They would take it to heart if our insurance company had an issue with a claim and did all they could to resolve any issues and keep the onus off us. It was so nice to have an expert on our side to deal with the experts on the other side.


Amanda and Family

Being a mom was a life long dream of mine but after many test it looked like IVF was going to be my best chance of ever becoming pregnant. In 2017 my husband and I implanted 2 embryos in hopes that at least one would “stick”. We went on a mini vacation and crossed our fingers. I can’t even put into words how wonderful Dr. Jacob and his staff at the center for reproductive medicine were during this process! Although my transfer process did not go as planned we took it one day at a time. I put my trust in Dr. Jacob, and my plan to transfer fresh embryos changed to frozen. After what felt like the longest wait, we found out that we were so blessed that both embryos had taken. My peanuts will be 2 this October and I love my life as a hot mess mom of twins!

Kira and Brendan

I have been a patient of Dr. Jacob for over 12 years. He has been such a blessing to my family. He has been there with me since day one, when he diagnosed me with stage four endometriosis. He kept in touch with me when he moved and went to start is own practice helping others achieve the goal of starting families. I knew when i was ready he would be the who I would turn to. With Dr Jacob helping us participate in IVF In 2012, we had our first daughter.When we were ready to expand our family again, we looked to Dr. Jacob. My second experience was hard!!! I was older, and my endometriosis had depleted my ovarian reserve. I had three unsuccessful transfers. During that time Dr. Jacob knew how badly we wanted to expand the family. He was very compassionate (he knew how heartbroken we were). He talked to my husband and I about different options. He answered all of our questions honestly, and was patient with us as we decided if we wanted to move forward or not.


We decided on using an egg donor. Ashley helped us with looking at all the possible candidates, and also helped with the financial aspect. Everyone in that office was wonderful during that time. In December of 2018 we welcomed our second daughter. If you are looking for guidance with compassion and someone who is patient and will listen and give you all your options then Dr Jacob and everyone at CRMRS is the place you’ve been looking for.


Magda & Dawid

Dr. Jacob and his staff were wonderful every step of the way. We are beyond thankful for your caring attitude and professionalism as well as your sense of humor 🙂 We can’t thank you enough for helping us to fulfill our dream.

Marc & Hilary

After 2 years of trying to conceive naturally and without any luck, my husband and I came to Dr. Jacob’s office. We were not sure if we would ever have the baby that we wanted so badly. After a month of testing we found out why I wasn’t conceiving and decided to try IUI. I was in fact pregnant after the first try. Unfortunately, it wasn’t a good pregnancy and I ended up miscarrying. The miscarriage process was awful, but the staff at Dr. Jacobs was so caring and went out of their way to help us through the difficult process. The next month we decided to try IUI one more time… It was a success again! And nine months later we welcomed our beautiful miracle baby, Charlotte. Without Dr. Jacob and his amazing staff we would not be parents to our precious baby girl. We look forward to working with them again on baby #2!
Thank you,


Charlotte, Eli and Noah

So excited!

Robert and Alyssa

“We still cannot thank you all enough for helping us carry out our dream of becoming parents! It is truly the most amazing feeling ever. God Bless!”


Renee and Mike

“Words cannot express how much Dr. Jacob and his staff mean to me and my family. They are one of a kind, giving me the great treasure I could have ever dreamed of. He gave me my little miracle, my Amelia. Thank you Dr. Jacob for all you do. Keep creating miracles and making families, because you made mine 1000 times better. Thank you, thank you, we all love you.”

Barbara and Yolanda

Thank you, thank you, THANK YOU!


Jennifer and Bill

“Everyone in the office was very caring, friendly and professional. Most importantly, we got the results we were looking for.”

Jeri & Aaron

Words truly can not express how truly wonderful the CRMS facility and staff are! Not only is Dr. Jacob incredibly knowledgeable and passionate about what he does, but he truly cares about his patients and is incredibly compassionate. You become part of their “family” when you are patient there and TOGETHER you go through the emotional struggle that infertility so often causes. Dr. Jacob and his staff is there with you every step of the way offering guidance, support, and expertise. They are always there when you have questions, concerns, or problems and are more than happy to talk with you. I have been a patient for years now and can not imagine getting through all of this without them. They handle everything from insurance issues to complicated diagnosis with such ease and grace. I am very proud and honored to call Dr. Jacob my physician and friend. Ashley and Emma make my days at CRMS full of smiles every time! The power of positivity radiates from them on daily basis! A million THANK YOU’s to you all!!!


Deb & Andrej

It is with joy that I write this testimonial about the “Center”. Today, with Oliver on our arms, we forget all the hard days in the past. It was all worth it.  And this dream wouldn’t have been possible if it wasn’t for Dr. Jacob’s knowledge and the love and compassion of his wonderful staff. Sorry to the other great families out there, but Ollie is Dr. Jacob’s true “masterpiece”.

Bryan & Emily

“Our dreams of being parents have finally come true. Without the expert advice from Dr. Jacob and support from his staff, we wouldn’t get to hold our sweet baby girl each and every day. We have been through struggles, heartache, and triumphs with CRMRS and everyone was there for us when we needed them most. The bond we have made with everyone in the office will forever be in our hearts. Thank you so much for your love and support on our journey to parenthood. Much love”


Karen & Dean

“We cannot thank Dr. Jacob and the entire staff enough for our little miracle! Working with everyone at CRMRS was a wonderful experience. The entire staff truly cares about their patients. Dr. Jacob never gave up hope for us to have a baby and did everything he could to help our dreams come true. The CRMRS staff is like family to us, and we highly recommend working with them to help your dreams of a family come true! ”

Ganesh & Cher

Thanks again for all your help in making our miracle!


Teresa & Colan

I would like to thank Dr. Jacob and his wonderful staff for our little miracle, Princess Skylar. This has truly been a blessing to my family. Thank you again.

Melissa & Luis

Thank you again to Dr. Jacob for all the help and support.  These babies are truly a blessing.


Tacy & Martin

“Thank you so much from the bottom of our hearts for helping make these blessings possible. You all were so great to work with and made the process that much better!”

Erica, Kari & Griffin

After speaking with other medical facilities and finding out we would have to wait months to be seen we found Dr. Jacob’s office.  When I called his office I spoke to Ashley and right away she was more than compassionate.  She explained all of the options and timelines and knew exactly how handle us during that stressful time.  Being a same sex couple we always felt welcomed and that the whole staff was rooting for us!  We met with Dr. Jacob and set-up a plan right away.  After a few tests were completed  we had the IUI procedure and got pregnant on the first try.  We highly recommend Dr. Jacob and his entire staff!


Rich & Amanda

After trying to conceive for several years, my gynecologist recommended Dr. Jacob for a consultation.  Dr. Jacob and his team are amazing!  Dr. Jacob always took the time to sit down with us, answer our questions, and educate us.  We developed a fertility plan, trying IUI first, then IVF later.  Dr. Jacob was always honest with us, but he remained optimistic and was determined to help us achieve a pregnancy! With a change to our approach to one IVF cycle, as recommended by Dr. Jacob, we were overjoyed to learn I was pregnant!!  Ashley, the office manager (and heart and soul of the office) kept me grounded through a difficult first trimester with some complications.  Dr. Jacob called to check on me and also recommended a trusted colleague as a specialist for the complication.  We made it through the first trimester to have a healthy pregnancy, and our sweet baby girl was born full term and healthy in November.  We are forever grateful to Dr. Jacob, Ashley, and team for our precious gift.  They made us feel like family from the beginning!  We highly recommend Dr. Jacob for anyone experiencing infertility.
Thank you for everything!
Forever grateful,

Tim & Heather

Our journey began in 2010 after a surgery to remove both of my tubes meant that I could only get pregnant through IVF. Dr. Jacob was recommended by a nurse at another Dr’s office. He was great from the beginning by the process and what to expect. It felt intimidating, but his office really helped break things down into not so complicated steps. We always felt very comfortable with him and his staff. Our first round of IVF produced 5 embryos. They put the two best embryos in during the transplant (and froze the remaining three) and we found out a few weeks later we were pregnant with one baby! After we found out we were pregnant, we started going to my OB Dr. Baalmann. Everything was going good until I went for my three month ultrasound. They found a cystic hygroma on my daughter’s neck during the ultrasound. They did some more tests and it turned out that she had Turner’s Syndrome. Turner’s syndrome occurs when one of the two X chromosomes found in females is incomplete or missing.


There is no known reason for this abnormality and it appears very randomly. Many babies with this condition are miscarried or stillborn. They told me it was probably only a matter of time, but I held out hoping for a miracle. My OB and Dr. Jacob kept in contact and I knew he was as concerned as we were. My daughter Grace Marie Baker was stillborn on Nov. 5, 2010. 1 had been five months pregnant. It was devastating to my husband and me. We had been trying to have a baby for 5 years at that point and we both wanted a daughter so much. We decided to take some time off to heal. We waited almost a year, before we decided to try again. We had three remaining embryos, and only two survived during the unfreezing process. They put in the two remaining embryos and we waited and prayed. Dr. Jacob did an ultrasound a couple weeks later, and we were pregnant with one baby! July 10, 2013 I gave birth to my precious baby girl Emma Grace Baker at 7lbs 12 ounces. She is our miracle baby, and our life has been forever blessed by Dr. Jacob and his staff. They always called to check on how things were going and I felt like they really cared about us. I couldn’t wait to bring Emma in to see Dr. Jacob once we had her. He’s the reason that she is here today. We really appreciate all that he’s done for our family. We plan to try again at the end of 2014, and I know we will be using Dr. Jacob again!


Jared & Alis

After trying for two years to get pregnant, we were referred to Dr. Jacob by my gynecologist. Upon arriving at the clinic we were very nervous and did not know what to expect. I was so happy to see that the office manager, Ashley, was working here and I had known her previously which eased my mind! Dr. Jacob has a wonderful, caring, helpful staff that is ready to answer any questions that we had. They make you feel like part of their family and we will always have a special place in our heart for all of them. We tried IUI first with no results, so we decided to move on to IVF. Thankfully, after the first round of IVF we were blessed with twins! Our twin boys Liam & Asher are the greatest gifts we have received. We are eternally grateful to God, Dr. Jacob, and the staff for helping us to achieve our dream. We will definitely be coming back!  “God has perfect timing; never early, never late. It takes a little patience and a lot of Faith. But it’s always worth the wait.

Angela & Jeremy

I have many things to thank Dr. Jacob for so where better to start then the beginning. Since the day I became a woman I have had issues with my cycle and more pain with every year that passed. I have seen 15 doctors before being introduced to Dr. Jacob and they all told me the same things. They said it was hereditary, all in my head, that I just needed to get used to the pain or they could put me on a birth control pill. In October of 2007 I met with Dr. Jacob and after the first 15 minutes of going over my history he handed me information on PCOS and we discussed treatment options. When I left his office that day I finally had answers. When my husband and I decided to start a family we went back to Dr. Jacob in October of 2008. He advised me that I needed to have a cystectomy to remove all the cysts from my reproductive system. We welcomed our Daughter Zoe in October of 2009.


In November of 2012 we went back to Dr. Jacob to discuss adding to our family. Again I had to have a small laparoscopic surgery to remove the cyst and fibroids from my reproductive system. I also had to do a round of fertility treatments before he performed my IUI. We welcomed our daughter Sadie in October of 2013. In March of 2014 I went back to Dr. Jacob to see if he would perform a hysterectomy. After my surgery in April 2014 I have been completely pain free. Dr. Jacob has been a part of all the major decisions in my life and for that I am grateful. He has always made my family and me feel completely comfortable and made sure we understood all our options.


Lesley & Clinton

After eight years of struggling with infertility and several other doctors, we walked into Dr. Jacob’s office and never looked back. The superb medical professionalism goes without saying but it is difficult to put into words just how much compassion is also offered. He and his staff give you such hope that your dreams of a family will come true. Our sweet baby boy was born thanks to their superior care. Infertility is honestly the hardest fight my husband and I have had to face but with CRMRS in your corner you can wake up every day knowing you have an awesome team holding your hand through it.

Angie & Mickey

“My husband and I just wanted to express how grateful we are to have met Dr. Jacob. After suffering a tubal pregnancy and struggling to get pregnant we knew it was time to get professional help. I was referred to Dr. Jacob by my doctor and we were so happy we did not wait any longer. From day one the entire staff was extremely supportive, caring and always available.  Dr. Jacob made us feel comfortable and always explained any questions or concerns we had in detail. I knew after the first couple visits I was not just another patient he and his staff truly cares about you as a person. The care and empathy we received through our difficult Ivf journey is what kept us positive and to keep trying. On our second round of Ivf we received the news we have always waited for…”Your pregnant!!!” Not only was I pregnant but pregnant with TWINS! ! We owe everything to Dr. Jacob and his staff it’s because of their support that my husband and I sit here today with our two little miracles Nino and Gia! We will be forever grateful for blessing us with our two little ones .”


Ellen & Justin

I am so thankful our doctor recommended Dr Jacob’s office. We had a great experience! The staff was just amazing. They really took the time with us. Dr. Jacobs was great. He was very thorough and had a fertility plan for us very quickly. They didn’t waste any time and we were doing IVF within a couple months. It worked on the first try! We were having twins! I did get sick along the way and have to be hospitalized. All of them came to visit and were so supportive! I had a healthy pregnancy and gave birth at 36 weeks. We would not be where we are today with Dr. Jacobs and his staff! I would highly recommend going to them!!

Brian & Nicole

Our infertility was an intense emotional roller coaster.  We went to a specialist, and was told by his nurse there was no chance of us conceiving our own child.  We struggled with this for a long time.  We did not want to give up.  Then one day we found our miracle workers at Dr. Jacob’s office.  He and his staff are completely devoted and compassionate to us during the whole process.  They gave us hope!!  Dr. Jacob was positive yet realisitic with our chances for conceiving.  He made us believe it was possible for us to have a child.  During our treatment his staff was completely emotionally supportive.  After only one cycle, we received a call from the nurse who told us we were pregnant.  We were so excited!!  It seemed like forever until we had our first ultrasound, and then we found out we were expecting twins!!!  Nine month later we had healthy and beautiful twin boys.  During my pregnancy,  Dr. Jacob would ask my OB GYN how I was doing and this ment so much that he was still concerned for me and my boys.


I have recommended Center for Reproductivce Medicine and Robotic surgery to others and would to anyone with infertility issues.  They are the most amazing and kindhearted medical professional I have ever meet and this means alot as I  work in the medical field.
Thank you from the bottom of our hearts!!!


Steve & Holly

The more people we talk to the more we find out how many people are having trouble.  We have your numbers handy and will continue to recommend you guys to anyone who is looking for a fantastic fertility place.

Stacy & Steve

” My husband and I tried to conceive for over two years when an OR nurse who had worked with Dr Jacob recommended him. The consultation with Dr Jacob was easy to set up, and we felt welcome immediately upon arrival. His staff was courteous, professional and genuinely concerned about our well being during the entire process. Dr Jacob was willing to listen to every concern we had and investigate those concerns at length. Dr Jacob took the time to explain the whole process in a language we could understand. We were always well informed about our options and treatment. Dr. Jacob and his staff took what was a very hard time in our lives and turned it a positive experience. My husband and I are very grateful to Dr Jacob and everyone at the Center for Reproductive Medicine and Robotic Surgery.”


Ronald & Chara

“Dr. Saji Jacob is the most honest and compassionate medical professional I know.  The passion he has for his work and the care he expressed during my procedure exceeded my expectations.  Dr. Jacob and his very caring staff inspired me during testing, diagnosis, treatment, and good news and not so good news.  They helped to relieve the stress of infertility.  The Center for Reproductive Medicine and Robotic Surgery is the best in the infertility field.  Ronald and I are very grateful to have been under the care of Dr. Jacob as he prepared my body to conceive and carry our miracle Isaac Jeremiah.  Thanks Dr. Jacob for allowing God to use you to help His people – giving hope to the hopeless and making the impossible possible.”

Angie & Nathan

“Dr. Jacob and his staff helped us to understand, accept, and overcome our medical challenges.  After only one cycle, we were pregnant with twin boys, and they arrived nine months later!  Infertility is a tough thing to face, but Dr Jacob and his staff will go the extra mile to make sure you feel like you are not alone in this. They offer encouragement, answer questions at all hours of the day, and help you decide what options are the best for you.  We would highly recommend the Center for Reproductive Medicine & Robotic Surgery.”


Steve & Michelle

“To describe our experience with Dr. Jacob and his staff at Center for Reproductive Medicine and Robotic Surgery is impossible to put into a short testimony. The gratitude my husband and I have for Dr. Jacob is beyond explainable. Dr. Jacob was the first doctor to sincerely care and listen to what we had to say. He did not hesitate for a minute to run the appropriate test to help us determine the cause of not being able to conceive a child. He is incredibly knowledgeable about the reproductive system and causes of infertility. Once we determined the cause of our infertility we had a meeting with Dr. Jacob who thoroughly went through our results and discussed our options. At the end of our meeting we walked out of his office knowing the cause of our infertility and had a plan of action. We started our 1st round of IUI in October 2011. Although nothing about going through this treatment was “easy” knowing that we could potentially have a child of our own made it so worth it.

Then on November 11, 2011 after having lab work completed we received a call that would change our life forever, we were pregnant! There are absolutely no words to describe how we felt after hearing those three words. We consider conceiving our first child on our first round of IUI a MIRACLE! There are not enough ways to express our thankfulness to Dr. Jacob and his wonderful staff for their knowledge, care, sincerity, and support through this journey. We know one thing for sure; Dr. Jacob and his staff will go above and beyond to do everything within their power to make your dream of having a child of your own come true.”
Eternally Thankful,

Kira & Brendan

“I was lucky to have met Dr. Jacob 10 years ago when he first diagnosed me with stage four endometriosis. I had been to other doctors who had miss diagnosed me, or told me that my pain was all in my head. I was scared, confused, and I didn’t know what was going on. I just knew that I was in severe pain and it wasn’t right.After meeting Dr. Jacob that first day, I knew he was going to help me, and he has. He has been such a blessing to my family and me. I haven’t always had it easy. I have gone through a lot of tests and several surgeries. However, Dr. Jacob has always been there to guide, explain, comfort my fears, handle my anxiety, and listen to my hopes & dreams. No matter what the issue, he always put me at ease, and I knew I could trust him.When my husband and I were ready to start our family, I knew Dr. Jacob would do everything he could to help us with the process.  After meeting his staff, who made us feel more like family than patients, my husband and I knew we were in good hands.


Everyone was friendly, supportive, and genuinely happy to see you. They would be right there cheering you on, or holding your hand giving you peace and comfort.After one round of IVF, I was PREGNANT! That was something I thought we would never hear. In April of 2012, we welcomed a healthy, happy 7lbs 8oz baby girl. We are now in the process of trying again. There is nowhere, or no one else, we would turn to than Dr. Jacob and his team at the Center for Reproductive Medicine and Robotic Surgery. My Husband and I are eternally grateful .”


Ram & Sunitha

I have no words (speechless may be right word!!) to express my gratitude to Dr. Jacob and his staff and very thankful to God to have sent Dr. Jacob and his staff in my way to help me. Whatever I say, can be an understatement. Right from day one, Dr. Jacob was so helpful and clear in explaining  everything that is involved in the procedure. Everybody in his office were so kind hearted and very supportive, not to forget, even after hours. I would recommend Dr. Jacob to couple like us, since I found him, best in the business. Mainly, I see the stress free environment in his office while undergoing this procedure, which is highly essential for us. Finally, want to express my gratitude individually, to exceptional people in his office; Jackie, Jamie, Ashley and Courtney. Thanks a lot to Dr. Jacob and everyone in his office!
God Bless

Sara & Adam

“We just wanted to say thank you from the bottom of our hearts to Dr. Jacob and all the staff at the Center for Reproductive Medicine and Robotic Surgery.  Since I was a young girl, I knew that I wanted children – I love everything that children bring to us in life and I especially love working with kids everyday as a grade school educator.  When I struggled to get pregnant, I worried that I might never be able to have the joy that having your own children brings and that hurt.  Dr. Jacob, you and your staff were phenomenal.  I immediately trusted all of you, not only because you had the medical background, but because you understood the emotional component that comes along with the struggle of infertility.  I have recommended a few of my friends, who also adore you just as I have, and have had success as well.  Thank-you so much for helping us bring our sweet baby boy, William, into the world.  Our world has expanded one-hundred fold; we often say to ourselves “What did we do before we had him?” because we are so enamored with him and with the joy that parenthood brings. We can never thank-you enough for the help, support and care that you gave us every step of the way.”
Eternally grateful,


Ashley & Jimmy

“Hi, this is Ashley. I would like to share my story with all of you. Well here it goes. I was trying to conceive for 12 years and almost gave up. I decided to try IVF but I didn’t have much hope because I had stage 4 endometriosis. I didn’t know much about endometriosis until I went to Dr. Jacob. Dr. Jacob explained in great detail what endometriosis was. He is an amazing wonderful, doctor and the staff was great too. Because of my insurance, I could only go through this one time. The first time I tried it – it worked. I was very surprised that it worked. In June of 2017, we welcomed a brand new baby boy named Alexander James to the world. I just want to say thank you very, very much Dr. Jacob. You made my dream come true.”

Elliot and Charlotte, born April 19th

“Medical issues prevented us from conceiving on our own, and Dr. Jacob and his team helped our dreams come true. They were available every step of the way to answer questions and reassure us that we were on the right path. Their constant monitoring helped put our minds at ease and made the whole process run as smoothly as possible. As soon as they got new information, it was passed on to us, which made waiting to hear the results of each step of the process much easier. We are so glad we chose to turn to CRMRS help, and we have two new little blessings with them to thank.”


At The Center for Reproductive Medicine and Robotic Surgery(CRMRS) we provide private, professional and compassionate fertility care. Dr. Jacob and our reproductive team provide a very personalized approach, from diagnostic assessment and early intervention through high-tech procedures like In Vitro Fertilization (IVF), and Intracytoplasmic Sperm Insertion (ICSI), intrauterine insemination (IUI) and Pre-Implantation Genetic Testing – Aneuploidy (PGT-A).

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