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“Robotic surgery” sounds scary and especially when it is a part of your infertility journey. Dr. Jacob ensures you feel comfortable and safe during any surgical procedures at CRMRS.
There are many advantages to Dr. Jacob performing your surgical procedures:
1.No large incision. Only keyhole incision, the size of a tic tac
2.Less hospital stay – Usual your stay is less than 23 hours compared to 2 – 3 days.
3.Very minimal pain – Need only minimal pain pills and rarely need narcotics.
4.Rapid recovery from surgery. Most patients are back to work within one or two weeks of robotic surgery compared to 6- 8 weeks for open surgery.
5.Very low chance of complications like wound infection, adhesions and scarring compared to open surgery.


When it comes to your infertility journey you want to be sure you are working with the best. Here at CRMRS we are the best and have the success rate to prove it.
Usually the common treatments for infertility is ovulation induction and/or intrauterine insemination (IUI). The success rate with IUI is around 20% nationally. The Center with its unique treatment protocol tailored to the individual patient has attained a success rate of 46%.


Did you know Endometriosis is a major debilitating disease that affects up to 10% of all women in the reproductive age and up to 60% of women with infertility?
***The good news is that at the Center for Reproductive Medicine and Robotic Surgery we have developed the latest and most advanced technology to treat this disease
Click the link below to learn more with a News Channel 5 interview with Dr. Jacob!


Experiencing infertility is already stressful and difficult enough. However, knowing that CRMRS has a success rate of DOUBLE the national average?! This can help ease your mind to know you and your loved ones are working with the absolute best.
Here at CRMRS we promise to work with each of our patients to ensure their possibility for success is of the utmost importance.
“I’d recommend Dr Jacobs all day long. He’s a brilliant man with a great heart who’s willing to deal with all of us hormonal messes all day long. I’d also tell the women not to give up– go to Center for Reproductive Medicine and let some of the greatest people I know help you” -Morgan, patient of Dr. Jacob


Did you know that 14.5% of couples will experience infertility during their reproductive years?
The Center for Reproductive Medicine and Robotic Surgery specializes in not only helping to make your family dreams a reality, but does so using the latest and best technology with a plan that is unique and personal to each patient.
Dr. Jacob is one of the few surgeons certified and able to perform robotic surgery in order help those struggling with infertility.
Go to or call 314-473-1285 for more information on how we can help. #infertility #roboticsurgery #crmrs

At The Center for Reproductive Medicine and Robotic Surgery(CRMRS) we provide private, professional and compassionate fertility care. Dr. Jacob and our reproductive team provide a very personalized approach, from diagnostic assessment and early intervention through high-tech procedures like In Vitro Fertilization (IVF), and Intracytoplasmic Sperm Insertion (ICSI), intrauterine insemination (IUI) and Pre-Implantation Genetic Testing – Aneuploidy (PGT-A).

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