Dean and Chris

Did you ever think having a family could be so hard? Do you see people out there that shouldn’t be parents? Do you see people that are careless and then get pregnant? There are couples that do not want children and end up having them? There are couples that want children so bad that they can’t. There are couples that try IVF, artificial insemination, IVF with egg donor, IVF with frozen embryos, and it still doesn’t happen. There are couples that have miscarriages. There are couples that want to adopt but can’t afford it.

Well, we are the couple that tried so many things for 4 years to have a child. If you were to ask us before that 4 years, are you going to have a family…yes, the answer came easy. We went through so many ups and downs. We tried to stay strong for each other, but so many times were set up for disappointment.

We were losing faith, perseverance, happiness, ourselves. There were so many tears, so little hope, so many whys that couldn’t be explained. Unanswered questions that no one could explain, you think there’s something wrong with you, people stop asking how things are going. It seemed like everyone around you was going to having a baby. You were so happy for them, but you wanted so badly for it to be you. People would pray for us, they were thinking of us, we had so much love around us, but it just didn’t seem like it was enough. The shots each day, the appointments, the blood tests, the anticipation of phone calls on whether or not you were pregnant…You keep pulling yourself together and telling yourself that it will be worth it.

We finally decided to get a second opinion and found the Center for Reproductive Medicine & Robotic Surgery and Dr. Jacob. His office welcomed us with open arms and treated us with such care. They took the time to go over all the tests we had done in the past, had a small office atmosphere, available all the time if you had a question or just needed to talk, explained to us why things were happening, and most of all became family to us. They were so amazing and helped with so much that took a lot of stress off us. They would take it to heart if our insurance company had an issue with a claim and did all they could to resolve any issues and keep the onus off us. It was so nice to have an expert on our side to deal with the experts on the other side.

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