Kira and Brendan

I have been a patient of Dr. Jacob for over 12 years. He has been such a blessing to my family. He has been there with me since day one, when he diagnosed me with stage four endometriosis. He kept in touch with me when he moved and went to start is own practice helping others achieve the goal of starting families. I knew when I was ready he would be the who I would turn to. With Dr Jacob helping us participate in IVF In 2012, we had our first daughter. When we were ready to expand our family again, we looked to Dr. Jacob. My second experience was hard!!! I was older, and my endometriosis had depleted my ovarian reserve. I had three unsuccessful transfers. During that time Dr. Jacob knew how badly we wanted to expand the family. He was very compassionate (he knew how heartbroken we were). He talked to my husband and I about different options. He answered all of our questions honestly, and was patient with us as we decided if we wanted to move forward or not.

We decided on using an egg donor. Ashley helped us with looking at all the possible candidates, and also helped with the financial aspect. Everyone in that office was wonderful during that time. In December of 2018 we welcomed our second daughter. If you are looking for guidance with compassion and someone who is patient and will listen and give you all your options then Dr. Jacob and everyone at CRMRS is the place you’ve been looking for.

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