Morgan & Michael

My fertility journey wasn’t exactly easy, but there are millions of women who would think my case was a cake walk.

Dr Jacobs is a brilliant man, I’m extremely thankful there are minds out there like his that can help women who are reproductively challenged. He made the process worth every shot. He was very clear on my challenges & the course we would have to take. He gave us the numbers & statistics.. which honestly I could’ve cared less about. As a woman, all I am thinking about is becoming a mother.. like NOW. But my husband is a numbers guy, so that gave him more peace of mind. I felt extremely comfortable & informed the whole time. And again– I didn’t care, I just thought “tell me what to do & I’ll do it.. no questions asked”. I followed every instruction I was given. I did everything Dr. J told me to do, or what not to do. He was successful with my cousin, so I knew there was hope for me..

Now Ashley.. she truly is an angel among us. She was available every SINGLE time I needed her. She talked me through every hurdle & upset. I wish all people had a little ‘Ashley’ in them. Her kindness & compassion are truly unmatched. And she has a rockstar sense of humor that keeps every appointment light hearted. Since she is a fertility patient she has this insane ability to walk WITH you throughout the whole process.. never letting you navigate it alone. Since men try, but do not TRULY understand the struggles as a female.

And every single procedure, shot, and tear was worth it. On Oct 19th, 2019.. my world was turned upside-down. Lincoln and Denver came into this world thanks to a village of doctors and nurses we met along the way. And the whole process started in Dr Jacobs office. I will forever be grateful to him, Ashley & their team. They are true miracle workers. Modern medicine is something I’ll forever be grateful for. I truly don’t think motherhood would’ve been in the cards without it. That office is a place that miracles happen, wishes are granted and dreams do come true. Even though it might not feel like it all the time.

I’d recommend Dr Jacobs all day long. He’s a brilliant man with a great heart who’s willing to deal with all of us hormonal messes all day long. I’d also tell the women not to give up– go to Center for Reproductive Medicine and let some of the greatest people I know help you.

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