Rich & Amanda

After trying to conceive for several years, my gynecologist recommended Dr. Jacob for a consultation. Dr. Jacob and his team are amazing! Dr. Jacob always took the time to sit down with us, answer our questions, and educate us. We developed a fertility plan, trying IUI first, then IVF later. Dr. Jacob was always honest with us, but he remained optimistic and was determined to help us achieve a pregnancy! With a change to our approach to one IVF cycle, as recommended by Dr. Jacob, we were overjoyed to learn I was pregnant!! Ashley, the office manager (and heart and soul of the office) kept me grounded through a difficult first trimester with some complications. Dr. Jacob called to check on me and also recommended a trusted colleague as a specialist for the complication. We made it through the first trimester to have a healthy pregnancy, and our sweet baby girl was born full term and healthy in November. We are forever grateful to Dr. Jacob, Ashley, and team for our precious gift. They made us feel like family from the beginning! We highly recommend Dr. Jacob for anyone experiencing infertility.

Thank you for everything!

Forever grateful

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