Tim & Heather

Our journey began in 2010 after a surgery to remove both of my tubes meant that I could only get pregnant through IVF. Dr. Jacob was recommended by a nurse at another Dr’s office. He was great from the beginning by the process and what to expect. It felt intimidating, but his office really helped break things down into not so complicated steps. We always felt very comfortable with him and his staff. Our first round of IVF produced 5 embryos. They put the two best embryos in during the transplant (and froze the remaining three) and we found out a few weeks later we were pregnant with one baby! After we found out we were pregnant, we started going to my OB Dr. Baalmann. Everything was going good until I went for my three month ultrasound. They found a cystic hygroma on my daughter’s neck during the ultrasound. They did some more tests and it turned out that she had Turner’s Syndrome. Turner’s syndrome occurs when one of the two X chromosomes found in females is incomplete or missing.

There is no known reason for this abnormality and it appears very randomly. Many babies with this condition are miscarried or stillborn. They told me it was probably only a matter of time, but I held out hoping for a miracle. My OB and Dr. Jacob kept in contact and I knew he was as concerned as we were. My daughter Grace Marie Baker was stillborn on Nov. 5, 2010. 1 had been five months pregnant. It was devastating to my husband and me. We had been trying to have a baby for 5 years at that point and we both wanted a daughter so much. We decided to take some time off to heal. We waited almost a year, before we decided to try again. We had three remaining embryos, and only two survived during the unfreezing process. They put in the two remaining embryos and we waited and prayed. Dr. Jacob did an ultrasound a couple weeks later, and we were pregnant with one baby! July 10, 2013 I gave birth to my precious baby girl Emma Grace Baker at 7lbs 12 ounces. She is our miracle baby, and our life has been forever blessed by Dr. Jacob and his staff. They always called to check on how things were going and I felt like they really cared about us. I couldn’t wait to bring Emma in to see Dr. Jacob once we had her. He’s the reason that she is here today. We really appreciate all that he’s done for our family. We plan to try again at the end of 2014, and I know we will be using Dr. Jacob again!

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